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Let VENDORecon Handle your A/P Tax differences

VENDORecon allows you to automatically balance your invoice when differences arise between your Tax System and your vendor-billed taxes. Eliminating the need for manual intervention by A/P personnel, you can be assured of consistent handling for your taxes. A win-win for Tax and A/P departments!

Key Features

  • Automatically recognizes tax differences between your Tax System and your vendor invoice during A/P processing
  • Configurable rules to ensure consistent results –you can define the tolerances and scenarios to handle
  • Set up rules for seller privilege, vendor and state exceptions
  • Automated outcomes include full and partial accruals, short-pays, pay-as-billed outcomes
  • Eliminates A/P decision-making when the taxes cause an imbalance
  • Handles manually-created invoices and EDI/Idoc feeds

See the VENDORecon balancing scenarios

VENDORecon Scenarios in SAP Pay as Billed
VENDORecon Scenarios in SAP Short Pay
Partial Accrual
VENDORecon Scenarios in SAP Partial Accrual
Full Accrual
VENDORecon Scenarios in SAP Accrue All

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