Let VENDORecon Handle your A/P Tax differences

VENDORecon allows you to automatically balance your invoice when differences arise between your Tax System and your vendor-billed taxes. Eliminating the need for manual intervention by A/P personnel, you can be assured of consistent handling for your taxes. A win-win for Tax and A/P departments!

Key Features

  • Automatically recognizes tax differences between your Tax System and your vendor invoice during A/P processing
  • Configurable rules to ensure consistent results –you can define the tolerances and scenarios to handle
  • Set up rules for seller privilege, vendor and state exceptions
  • Automated outcomes include full and partial accruals, short-pays, pay-as-billed outcomes
  • Eliminates A/P decision-making when the taxes cause an imbalance
  • Handles manually-created invoices and EDI/Idoc feeds

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