Automate your SAP testing for Purchase Orders, Invoices, Sales Orders and Billings

Use the LCR TestSuite to automate your entire SAP tax testing process and reduce your risk. You can use TestSuite for initial deployments, upgrades and monthly regression testing.

Key Features

  • Populates test scripts with validated SAP data
  • Pre-validates test data by mining your past transactions
  • Automated test execution of transactions in BADI and BDC modes:
  • Purchase Order ⇒ Goods receipt ⇒ LIV invoice ⇒ Accounting (available now)
  • FI Invoice (available now)
  • Sales Order ⇒ Delivery ⇒ Billing (available in a future release)
  • Analysis of actual vs expected tax results
  • Logging for easy troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive reports

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