System Evaluations

Our system evaluations will provide exceptional insight to your business transactions, areas of overpayment and exposure, the potential cause of errors and required corrective measures. This illuminating review will provide the evidence needed to support your business case and lay the foundation for smarter system enhancements.

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We start with workshops to identify your business event triggers and resulting tax obligations. This may include your nexus, filing requirements, tax decision complexities, customer and product/service taxability. Then we look at your ERP processes, configuration and data to understand how your source system is behaving.

Then we extract transaction data from your ERP system (we offer pre-developed data extract programs) for a sample period and use that to provide more detailed insight to your business scenarios and current tax calculations.

With a few pivot tables, we can provide a good snapshot of the macro activity in your system and define a scope for the detailed review.

Once we identify a sample population, invoices are reviewed and assessed for correctness—both in taxability and in the data that is entered in the ERP system. For example, are the GL accounts and ship-to locations correctly populated in the ERP system for these invoices? This helps us assess whether tax automation is able to rely on the ERP data populated on transactions.

Finally, we prepare a gap analysis and assessment of system effectiveness. We can help you understand the areas of inaccuracy and probable causes, layout specific solutions, implementation estimates and provide recommendations for corrective measures.