Is it TUESday yet?

Tax User Exits Simplified

  • Pre-developed tax user exit code, tables and structures:
-Defaults tax codes on POs, Service Entry, LIV and FI invoices
-Simple dashboard design to control your tax code default logic
-Enables Direct Pay, ERS, vendor registration, trusted vendor settings
-Controls user overrides to tax codes
-Passes customized data to your Tax System on SD, MM and FI documents
-Handles freight, PO display, split account assignments, cross-company variations
  • Includes 20+ tables and structures
  • Scalable, table-driven design – minimal hardcoded logic
  • One size fits many – we have successfully installed TUESday in a wide range of companies and industries
  • Full logging capabilities for troubleshooting
  • Can be installed, configured and ready for testing within 2-3 days

TUESday gives you options you never thought you had…


1. Set up your Tax Code Dashboard


2. Load your rules


Then let TUESday do its thing…

3. TUESday works on SAP transactions

To populate the tax code and pass data to your tax system

No need for users to decide what tax code to enter…


4. And you can activate logging to see what data is passing

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