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  • Software Selection
  • Our approach ensures that your Vendor Selection process is thorough, well-documented and relevant to your specific requirements. Our years of hands-on experience with implementing, testing and supporting these applications are leveraged to help you identify the features and functionality to consider in your vendor selection.


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  • Step 1: Document tax requirements

    We start with workshops to identify your business event triggers and resulting tax obligations. This may include your nexus, filing requirements, tax decision complexities, customer and product/service taxability. Then we look at your ERP processes, configuration and data to understand how your source system would interact with the tax system.

  • Step 2: Prepare Vendor Questionnaire and Scenarios

    Using your specific requirements as a benchmark, we prepare a vendor questionnaire that incorporates functional tax, ERP integration, and technical architecture components. We also prepare a list of functional scenarios for the vendors to address during their vendor demo sessions

  • Step 3: Plan and participate in Vendor Demo sessions

    The demos provided by the software vendors are most effectively when properly planned. This requires that adequate and equal information is provided to the vendors, that a timed agenda is prepared and that the right participants are in attendance. This is also the time to gather responses on the questionnaire from the vendor.

  • Step 4: Prepare a Balanced Scorecard

    Once the vendor responses have been collected and the demos are completed, a balance scorecard is prepared, listing the key software criteria (each with an assigned weighting for priority). We then work with the subject matter experts and stakeholders to gather feedback and assign scores to each of the criteria. The deliverable is a clear and comprehensive ratings report that facilitates objective and informed decision-making.

  • Step 5:Evaluation Sessions

    During this final phase of the process, the stakeholders and subject matter experts meet to assess the balanced scorecard and team feedback to make the final software selection decision.