In the SPOTlight

  • Pre-developed custom SAP Reports for Sales and Purchases:
-200+ Fields from over 60 tables – including those most relevant for transaction taxes
  • SPOT Reports provides the level of insight simply not available on standard SAP and Tax System reports, such as:
-Transaction codes and document types processed for each transaction
-All data that affects the tax calculation
-Taxes broken down by level for each accounting line, and appearing on one report line
-Sales tax paid to vendors on purchases
-Transactions that didn’t call the Tax System (including blank tax codes and I0’s)
-SAP User behavior – who is overriding or disengaging the Tax System?
-Reconciliation reports to the GL and Tax System
  • Offers ALV functionality for sorting, subtotaling and filtering
  • Drill-down feature to access master data or document records
  • Archiving utility
  • Can be installed, configured and ready to test within 1 day

See SPOT Run

1. Enter Your Report Parameters


2. Execute & See

3. Select & Sort Your Fields


Save Layout

4. Double-Click to Drill Down


5. Export …

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