About LCR-Dixon

LCR-Dixon was formed in 2006, as the result of a merger between LCR-Technologies and Dixon Street Consulting. LCR-Technologies brought 13 years of SAP development experience on over 30 SAP implementations and Dixon Street brought over a decade of tax automation know-how from more than 20 tax system integrations. We formed LCR-Dixon because we believe in solving complex tax problems with simple solutions.

LCR-Dixon is a small, specialized firm, with a formidable team of experienced transaction tax experts. Each one of our experts has over 10 years of experience in tax system and/or ERP implementations. With our strong focus on SAP integrations, we bring a level of tax automation expertise that is unparalleled in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing advanced SAP solutions that no other firm can deliver.

Our team members are located throughout the United States and we work flexibly depending on our client needs — onsite or remotely. We believe in delivering uncompromised service while ensuring the best value to our clients. We maintain strong ties with all of our clients and adhere to three of the founding principles for this firm - Loyalty, Consideration and Respect.

Or as it's abbreviated - L C R


Our Founders


Jeff Bleacher


Jeff is the technical lead and architect behind the LCR-Dixon solutions. Jeff has over 16 years experience on SAP-tax implementations and is widely acknowledged as a leading ABAP developer in the tax automation field. Jeff has solved problems on over 60 SAP projects and some of the largest companies in the world look to Jeff for his technical expertise to keep their Procure-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash tax systems running smoothly.

Based in Baltimore MD, Jeff enjoys consuming large amounts of coffee throughout the day and plays a mean game of flag football.

Suzy Soo


Suzy is the functional and creative voice behind the LCR-Dixon solutions and a self-confessed tax automation nerd. Over 16 years, Suzy has managed more than 35 implementations for large companies and as a thought-leader, has been a speaker at SAP ASUG, ADP, Vertex, PwC and TEI conferences. Prior to founding Dixon Street and LCR-Dixon, Suzy was a Director with the PricewaterhouseCoopers State & Local Tax practice.

Based in San Francisco CA, Suzy starts each day with a steaming cup of green tea and is a big proponent of pets in the workplace.

Our Team


Ziggy Aujong


Ziggy is a manager and has over 13 years experience implementing SAP MM, SD, FI, SRM, CRM modules and 8 years implementing tax systems such as Vertex, ADP-Taxware and Sabrix. Ziggy is our SAP configuration expert and likes to move at a fast pace, so is well-suited to clients who are on "past-due" deadlines and need deliverables by "yesterday". Ziggy was formerly an SAP consultant with IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Andersen Consulting.

Based in Dallas TX, Ziggy is also a great go-to guy for finding discount coupons on consumer electrical goods.

Amy Eller


Amy is a manager and has 13 years experience with sales/use taxes and automation projects. Prior to joining LCR-Dixon, Amy spent a number of years as Tax Manager for two Fortune 500 manufacturing firms and was a manager with PricewaterhouseCoopers' tax automation practice. Amy has lived and breathed the complexities of tax compliance and can translate these into a smart system design that is workable in the long-term.

Based in St. Louis MO, Amy is known as the most congenial member of our team.

Greg Hipps


Greg is a manager and has over 14 years of experience within the transaction tax industry. Greg has integrated tax systems Vertex and Sabrix with SAP and Oracle. In addition to bolting on the tax systems to SAP and Oracle Greg has integrated them with Point of Sale systems, General Ledgers, and custom ERP's. In addition to sales, use, and excise taxes Greg has integrated many systems for VAT across the globe. Greg was formerly a consultant within Accenture's tax practice, an implementation and tax compliance manager with Thomson Reuters and worked within Delta Air Lines' corporate tax department.

Based in Atlanta, GA, Greg takes advantage of the great weather year round to hone his golf game. Please join him for a round.

Greg Polek


Greg is a manager and has 16 years experience in indirect tax system implementations and multistate sales/use tax consulting. Prior to joining LCR-Dixon, he was a Senior Manager with Deloitte's Tax Management Consulting practice. Greg's experience includes working with clients in the retail, printing, hotel, manufacturing, transportation, telecommunications and utilities industries.

Based in Charlotte, NC, Greg recently caught the running bug and is training for a 1/2 marathon.

Michelle O'Grady


Michelle is a Manager and has over 12 years experience in all aspects of sales and use tax, including automation projects. Prior to joining LCR-Dixon, Michelle was a Tax Manager with a well-known customer relationship agency and spent several years in the transaction tax departments of The Walt Disney Company and Constellation Energy Group. Michelle has experience with a wide range of tax issues in various industries. She understands the complexities involved with transaction taxes and has the ability to use this experience to better serve her clients.

Based in Baltimore, MD, Michelle is an avid baker and is in the process of growing a killer, prize-winning vegetable garden.

Ahmed Razak


Ahmed is a manager and has over 15 years experience in SAP development and configuration. Ahmed develops the code for LCR-Dixon's SAP solutions and is the author of our technical documentation. Ahmed's brilliant analytical mind and appreciation for the big picture makes him more than just a "programmer". Before joining LCR-Dixon, Ahmed was a Manager with Capgemini and a Lead I/S Specialist with Valero Corporation.

Based in San Antonio TX, Ahmed takes the crown as the most athletic guy on our team.

Rhett Ryan


Rhett is an ABAP developer with a wide range experience with SAP, including product development, consulting and enterprise architecture. Rhett has built numerous integrations between SAP and external systems and enjoys a good challenge. His creative mind and clever approach to building and linking objects has enabled LCR-Dixon software to be scalable, efficient and lean. Before joining LCR-Dixon, Rhett was an SAP Enterprise Architect at OfficeMax, Technical Consultant at Syclo and Development Lead at SAP.

Based in Chicago and a loyal Cubs fan, Rhett really believes that his team is going to win a World Series one day.

Laura Sherinsky


Laura is our Business Manager and she keeps our back-office operations running smoothly. Laura has 18 years of finance experience in receivables, payables, taxes, purchasing ,invoicing, collections and HR. She has worked with numerous ERP and billing applications and is in charge of our business applications and operational infrastructure

Laura is the most organized and persistent person on our team, which is pretty important given that tracking down timesheets from a virtual team can be like herding cats.

Frank Souik


Frank is a Manager with over 15 years of experience in SAP development and over six years of experience implementing external tax engines with SAP. His unique skill set allows him to develop and deploy LCR-Dixon's SAP solutions as well as implement external tax engines with SAP. He has led both technical SAP projects and external tax engine integration projects with SAP. Prior to joining LCR-Dixon Frank was a Senior Manager with ADP's Sales and Use Tax division and a Systems Project Leader with Kohler Company.

Based in the Milwaukee, WI area, Frank is an avid baseball fan always looking to catch a game in whatever city he's in. Of course, he's also a Packer fan!